Oak Honey

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    Oak Tree: A huge tree that is up to 100 feet in length, has a very large trunk, its age may reach 1000 years, and is found in Asia, North Africa, southern Europe, and America. Some Oak Tree types leaves fall off and others are evergreen. Around 10 Million acorns are produced during Oaks' lifetime from which bees collect the weeping fluids to produce honey.

    Oak honey is considered a rejuvenator factor for youth and athletic activity, a purifier for the skin, a remedy for anemia and growth failure in children. Besides, it is a memory stimulator, beneficial for diabetics, and is very rich in minerals, which make it the heart’s friend, as high potassium maintains normal heart function, lowers blood pressure, and prevents angina. Moreover, it is also considered very useful for pregnant women during the first and second trimesters because of the high levels of calcium and iron it contains.

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