Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our honey is 100% natural since our bees have never been fed any unnatural substances (like sugar) throughout their lives.  

High fructose levels lead to fast crystallization, such as Nectar honey (Citrus Honey). Sugar is not necessarily the reason behind crystallization. Other Honey types like Oak’s for example, are richer in glucose that’s why it crystallizes way slower.

Healthier bees come through moving hives to several locations depending on a flower blossom. By this, we give a varied selection of resources from which we get in the end honey richer in Vitamins.

 No heating or blending, just high-end standards treating our bees and extracting the honey.

Rayhan relies on local honey extraction, our raw honey is very similar to Manuka Honey though. 

Sugar contains 30% more calories than Raw Honey

Honey digestion is easier than sugar’s since Fructose and Glucose are honey’s main ingredients whereas sugar is made of sucrose. Imagine how tiny the bee is? Yes, it digests honey, that’s why it’s lighter and easier compared to sugar.

Moreover, honey contains 20% fewer carbohydrates, more vitamins, proteins, minerals, and antioxidants when the sugar doesn’t have any. 

Honey types are extracted and maintained in many different ways and seasons, but at Rayhan, we try our best to provide with best honey quality for affordable prices.

Much more effort, attention, and time are invested into local honey. Not only that, but it also has qualities sugar-dosed honey lacks.

Our beehives are spread all over Lebanon to provide you with a great selection from which you can choose the type that suits your taste.

Each honey type has its characteristics, texture, sweetness level, and benefits. We love all our pieces of art equally. Yes, we consider each type a piece of art. That’s why we recommend you taste them all and pick the one you like most.

Honey jars shall be stored in a dry place. Cold weather does not harm your honey but humidity does.

Given the right storage conditions, honey can last for up to two years in the best conditions, however, as time passes, it will lose its taste and benefits gradually.

LARI is the laboratory is where our honey types are tested. These tests are done on regular basis. Certificates can be found below each honey description in our “Products” tab.

Our beehives are distributed all over Lebanon to follow the flower blossoms and are usually fed aphids' gum and nectar. 

We advise to consult your doctor before consuming not only Rayhan Honey, but any product however, as a piece of general information, it’s safe to eat raw honey while pregnant, given the fact that a woman's digestive system fights bacteria, reduces the possibility of botulism toxin passing to the baby.